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What an exciting day we had out Gypsying.
Our first stop was meeting one of our jewelry contacts.
Margie brought us some really cool vintage finds.  In the boxes we found several single earrings, just enough to add together to make this bracelet.


She also brought us vintage aluminum hair curlers
and tons of cool keys. It was  such a pleasure visiting
with her.Next we made our way to the Company Store in Negley, Ohio.
The Company Store is the oldest General Store built in
1910.  Currently is showcases several rooms of vintage
antiques. Anything you could be looking for from jewelry to taxidermy animals of sorts.
We managed to find a few bits and pieces of trinkets, and made our way to the front counter.  As I stood waiting to speak to the lady working behind the counter I noticed some really neat items the customer beside me was purchasing and then this customer spoke… I’m thinking I’ve heard this voice before.  I turned my head and next to me stood Brenda from B’Sue Boutiques.  I found myself speechless.  How very strange to learn the woman who I have been admiring on her You Tube videos for months is standing beside me and get this she not only lives in East Palestine Ohio, but has a Boutique she recently opened there (which I also saw the opening video, but I somehow didn’t realize it was in East Palestine, Ohio) So…after a few awkward moments with my jaw on the floor I realized Brenda just invited us to visit with her at her Boutique in East palestine when we were done at the Company Store!

Pulling up at B’Sues Boutique I immediately was drawn to her front window display.

Tastefully done with a gorgeous Kitchen Sink style necklace on the Mannequin.  My husband and son literally pulled me away from the window and on into the shop where Brenda cheerfully greeted us.  Brenda, B’Sue… had filled her Boutique with all of her own handmade beautiful things and also many of the items she used to make them can also be purchased right there!  She’s a very successful lady besides this shop she owns and operates two online shops where you can get her stuff!  One is B’Sue Boutiques and the other is B’Sue Boutiques Jewelry Supplies her Etsy Shop.  She told us how she got started and all about her online group, B’sue Creative Group on Facebook (which she invited us to join and we did!).  Brenda showed us around her entire shop and besides many tips she shared with us during our visit, she even offered to show me how to use a Dremel tool to engrave on charms as she wrote my name on an antique bronze heart and gave it to me to take home!  You can see it front and center in the pic there. When we left we had a bag full of goodies and were full of inspiration!

So thank you Brenda Sue for taking the time to visit with us and for all of the wonderful things you do everyday to help inspire and teach other jewelry making enthusiast.

Have a look at our newly inspired items now available in our Etsy Shop.


Vintage keys, charms, and handmade chain with matching earrings.

Posted by Shelly

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