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Mommy Monologue: DIY Wednesday–Wire Wrapped Ring


Mommy Monologue: DIY Wednesday–Wire Wrapped Ring: So I’m going to try a new thing here.  It’s no secret that I like being crafty and have whole sloo of things that I have done ‘DIY’ style.  …


My Muse


Gypsy inspiration is hard to come by when you are trying to work late night on very little energy.  I was just about to give in and have another cup of caffeine… when my daughter, my “Muse”, came into my studio, full of energy and chatter! She amazes me! She was bursting with news, and ideas.  So many thoughts about her day and the future days ahead. To be honest I didn’t get much last night, as I think about the time our conversation went full circle I had finished wire wrapping only two beads, but the ideas that came that night in my sleep… they are still flowing!  I have to say that  I am so proud of the young lady she has become.


….Now if only I can borrow her again tonight!

Keeper of the Faith Necklace



Today I am working with some very pretty iridescent beads that were given to me on a recent trip to my parents in Michigan.  I am dedicating this piece to my stepfather, Bob.  Bob also enjoys making his own jewelry.  It was really fun to get to look at his collection of handmade items, as well as get to go into his studio and see all the goodies he has collected to work on his items! Thank you Bob!