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“Temptations” was one of my favorite creations. It was one of the first to go at our very first local show.  I would love to talk to the lady who bought this. She mentioned having a daughter in Chicago who owns a shop. If you read this please inbox me!


In The Kitchen


I love me some coffee and this recipe is one of my favorites!  Enjoy!

Creamy Vanilla and Caramel Iced Coffee

4 cups of Brewed Coffee (cold)

1 cup of Milk

1/3 cup of Vanilla Creamer

1/4 cup of Caramel Sauce (ice cream dessert topping)

3 cups of Crushed Ice

1 can of Whipped Cream (or whipped hard cream)

Pour all ingredients into blender, except for the whipped cream, and blend on high until the ice is completely smooth. Pour into glasses and top it off with whipped cream. Serve immediately.