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Gypsy # 2 …

Gypsy No. 2

…A lady at one of our shows inquired who is the other Gypsy  in the Two Twisted Gypsies… not knowing how to explain what seems like a long story, I held up the mannequin hand and went on to jokingly explain, “well there was an accident and um… this hand is all that’s left of my gypsy friend.” 

The Truth?…

As a small child I spent a lot of time with my grandparents.  My grandfather seemed to work a lot, but when he was at home and I was lucky enough to spend time with him there was never a dull moment! When he wasn’t trying to teach me something new, he loved to tell me stories.  One I am certain I probably believed for a while was that  my parents ran into a gypsy caravan and that was how I came to be in the family. If I was bad he would threaten to have them come and pick me up! Sometimes I day-dreamed about what if they do come to get me? What might my life be like if I really was a gypsy… all the places I would travel, the strange and interesting people I might meet, all the jewelry I would wear.  I remember playing dress up with my mothers jewelry sometimes putting on everything she had thinking I looked like a gypsy for sure! …Years later, sometime after his passing I learned that he also referred to my mother as his little gypsy when she was a small child.  Longer story short…”Two Twisted Gypsies” was born.

Both my husband of twenty plus years, myself and our eldest son currently design our items. Each of our items are handcrafted from Vintage, Re-purposed and/or Old to New Jewelry making everything we make unique and for the most part one of a kind.

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November’s Schedule


Two Twisted Gypsies will be at the East Palestine Elementary School in East Palestine,Ohio on November 12th from 9am to 5pm.  We look forward to seeing you there!

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